Klitmøller Collective

The Sea Of Past And Present

Klitmøller Collective is a lifestyle where ideas come from meetings, travels and gatherings through generations, bound together by the sea in and around Klitmøller. We design for people who are attracted to the raw Nordic nature. Our goal is to design and produce clothes that last, in quality materials with a sustainable approach to production, colors, materials and appearance. We design everything in Denmark and produce in Portugal near Porto in smaller factories that are often run by families.

We always choose sustainable materials whenever possible - our preferred materials are mulesing free merino wool and lambswool, organic cotton, linen and lyocelll. Being a sustainable brand is not a destination, but a journey that we constantly aim to improve along the way. We feel we are on the right track, but are aware that any production affects the environment. Therefore, we strive to choose materials, production sites and packaging that have as little impact on the environment as possible. By doing so - and by doing well - we hope to inspire other brands to choose a greener path with less footprint from production.