Green week

You will not find any Black Friday offers with us at Klitmøller Collective. Instead, we have chosen to dedicate a whole week to create awareness about something that has a special place in our hearts; our oceans.

The oceans around us are not only a vital part of our eco-systems on this planet, but they also provide opportunities for creating relations under, on, and above the water.

The oceans both divide and unite us and we believe it makes sense to protect them. We have decided to donate €10 for every order placed at from November 23rd to 29th to the organisation Plastic Change. Read more about Plastic Change and their work at

Thank you from us at Klitmøller Collective

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Klitmøller Collective

Our ideas come from meetings, travels and social gatherings through generations, bound together by the sea in and around Klitmøller. We design for people who are attracted to the raw Nordic nature with respect for people and the environment.

Our goal is to design and produce clothes that last, in quality materials with a sustainable approach to production, colors, materials and appearance. We design everything in Denmark and produce in Portugal.