Klitmøller Collective

Klitmøller Collective is a lifestyle. Our ideas originate from encounters, journeys and casual gatherings from a lifetime of generations, bound together by the sea in and around Klitmøller. We design for people who are drawn to the raw Nordic nature. Our aim is to design and produce things that last – in quality materials with a responsible approach to materials, production, colors and look. We design everything in Denmark and produce in Portugal in the vicinity of Porto in smaller factories that are often family owned and operated.

We always choose responsible materials whenever possible – our preferred materials is mulesing free merino wool, organic cotton, linen and lyocell. Being a sustainable brand is not a destination, but a journey we constantly aim to improve along the way. We feel that we are on the right path, but realize every production has an impact. That is why we strive to improve in the fields of materials, production and packaging. By doing so – and by doing well – we hope to inspire consumers and other brands to choose a greener path with less of a footprint from production and living.

Design principles

We believe that responsible fashion should not only be a matter of creating clothes in the best and most responsible materials, but as much a principle of making designs that are long-lasting and of high quality. We love to hear when we have customers who come back to us with a sweater they've worn for years and can't do anymore because it's simply worn out.

We don't want to design products that are only interesting for a few months, but to make designs that limit the use of the earth's resources. Quality products in quality materials made in a fair way are essential for us and a necessity to create timeless design.


We always aim to use materials that are as natural and as responsible as possible in our production. Our preferred materials are:


A key material we have used since the start of Klitmøller Collective is wool. Wool is an amazing material that is both natural, biodegradable and has great temperature regulating properties for different types of weather and seasons. Our wool is always either recycled or mulesing free, meaning the sheep have not undergone the painful procedure of removing skin from the animals backside. The fishermen of Klitmøller have used wool for centuries and we believe this is one of the best materials for clothing production at all.

Organic cotton

Conventional cotton agriculture accounts for a large part of the use of pesticides in the world, which is why we only use organic or recycled cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of pesticides and requires less water to grow, meaning better working conditions and a healthier planet. We use organic cotton in a range of our products from sweaters, to t-shirts and shirts.


Linen is very strong and absorbent, and dries faster than cotton. Because of these properties, linen is comfortable to wear in hot weather and is valued for use in garments. It also has other distinctive characteristics, notably its tendency to wrinkle making it a very charming fabric for lighter garments such as t-shirts, tops and shirts.


Lyocell is a natural material made from wood cellulose or pulp from eucalyptus, birch or oak trees

Lyocell material has a very smooth surface and a beautiful appearance. As for the feeling it gives, it is soft, breathable, light, comfortable and long lasting. Its elasticity and strength make it perfect for the making light weight durable items. Although it is a little more expensive than cotton or linen, its quality is worth the investment.

Production places

We work closely with our agents and suppliers in Portugal. Portugal has a long tradition of making textiles and is part of the EU - meaning the workers are ensured a fair pay and working conditions. Waste materials are also handled and disposed of in a proper way complying to EU waste management and standards. We are visiting the factories on a regular basis and have built up a close relationship to many of the employees and owners throughout the years. This results in mutual understanding and respect - a fundamental basis for long lasting relationships, but also ensures we are completely aligned with the high quality standard of work we expect from our suppliers. Creating responsible fashion does not only involve responsible materials but also include a very high quality in production to make sure the products we make last as long as possible. 

The majority of our products are sold within Europe, meaning the products we make also have a shorter distance to travel from the factory to you and therefore causes less CO2 during transport.

Our oceans

At Klitmøller Collective we believe we have a duty to produce our products with as little impact as possible to the planet. But also to contribute to projects, events and organisations that strive to make the world a better place. 

Due to our origin the ocean has a very special place in our heart and continuously support organisations dedicated to protecting marine life and organize our own annual beach clean up in Klitmøller.