A healthy planet requires a healthy ocean.

Our ocean is the biggest ecosystem on our planet. It produces at least 50% of the oxygen on Earth, captures 25% of all CO2 emissions, and holds 97% of our planet’s water. We want to cherish the ocean and help protect it.

At Klitmøller Collective we are happy to announce an alliance that reaches beyond our own shores and takes global responsibility for the plastic pollution that threatens the world's oceans. With our new partnership with ReSea Project, we help remove plastic from oceans and rivers. We stand together with ReSea Project for a plastic-free ocean.


We help remove plastic from oceans and rivers by supporting ReSea Project. With our commitment, we are making a tangible impact in the fight against ocean plastic pollution.

ReSea Project is tackling ocean plastic pollution with its community-driven clean-up solution, documenting and tracking all plastic removed from oceans and rivers using blockchain technology. This ensures the highest level of traceability of the origin of the plastic and it onwards journey to ReSea Project Sorting Facility. Here it is fine-sorted and distributed to partners to be used for new purposes.

Click and see how much plastic has been removed so far